Teaching German: Materials for German as a Foreign Language

The materials for German as a foreign language presented here address methodological and didactic aspects of German teaching and are therefore of interest to all teachers of German. You’ll find learning and practice materials under “Learning German”.
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      Help GERMAN in its mission to save the German language: become a film star in the new trailer “GERMAN – One word is not enough!”

      LanguageQuests – Web searches for DaF classes   deutsch

      Your students organize a wedding, design a city guide, write a product review, and name new Wonders of the World.

      Further Training Offers   deutschlietuviškai

      Teachers trained by the Goethe-Institut Lithuania hold workshops and lectures for German teachers.

      Recommendations for Early Foreign Language Learning   deutschenglishespañolΕλληνικάeestiLatviskilietuviškaičeskymagyarрусскийO’zbekchaTiếng Việt

      Teaching methods for learning a foreign language at an early age

      STEPS   deutsch

      Information for Assistant Teachers of German in Great Britain.
       [Goethe-Institut Britain]

      Trainer-Network for Teachers of German USA   deutsch

      Training Courses and Exchange of Teaching Material

      Übungsblätter selbstgemacht   deutsch

      DIY exercise sheets - using your own and other texts