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Student Teacher Placement in Schools Abroad
Application for SCHULWÄRTS!

Use our application portal to submit your application documents. You can pause and save your application process at any time and resume later. Only complete and timely applications will be considered.

In addition to personal information, we ask in the application process about your teaching experience and language skills. You can indicate your preferred time period and five preferred host countries. Please note the school holidays in those countries. This and other information about host countries can be found in the country profiles.

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Further information about application documents


Maximum length: two pages

Please address the following questions in your personal statement:
  • Why do you want to do a placement abroad?
  • In which of the available host countries would you like to be placed? Please give reasons for your first, second and third preferences.
  • What previous experience do you have, if any, in teaching German as a foreign/second language (DaF/DaZ) and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)?
  • Have you ever worked abroad for an extended period of time? If so, where? What did you do there? 


Maximum length: two pages

In planning your lesson, please bear the following considerations in mind:
  • This outline is to give us an impression of your methodological teaching skills and your adaptability.
  • If you are studying German or have experience in German as a foreign/second language (DaF/DaZ), then please submit an outline of a DaF/DaZ lesson.
  • If not, outline a lesson in one of your teacher training subjects, using an educational approach that involves Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)/language-sensitive teaching.
  • You should make allowance for the usually low level of German language skills (A1/A2) among students in the available placement countries.

If you’d prefer to outline an extra-curricular project instead, then:

  • Your project should ideally include students from different age groups with and without German language skills.
  • Outline your project goals and a rough project schedule.


Maximum length: one page

For this project outline:
  • You should be able to carry out your (inter)cultural project as an extra-curricular project at your placement school.
  • Choose an aspect of German society, life in Germany, or of Germany’s landscape/history that is likely to interest students.
  • Try to combine several points of view on your chosen topic in order to make diversity in Germany visible.
  • The aim is to convey an authentic up-to-date image of Germany and to arouse interest in life in Germany.
  • The project can culminate in e.g. an exhibition, a presentation or a wall newspaper.  


Maximum length: one page

  • Outline a project that involves observation and analysis of school organization, culture and/or administration that you’d like to carry out at your placement school.
  • The aim of the project is to observe and analyse certain real-life aspects of school in the host country and, if appropriate, compare them to corresponding aspects of German schools.
  • Your project outline should include at least one concrete question grounded in the social sciences.
  • The project should be well planned.
  • Some potential topics are school hierarchies and rituals, communication between faculty and students, use of teaching media, social forms, extent to which classes are taught in students’ native language