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GGFF 2023

Gulf German Film Festival Oman 2022

As expected, in 2022, the third edition of the GULF GERMAN LANGUAGE FILM FESTIVAL, which attracted regional media attention in the past years, will take place.

The venue for this year's event is the Omani capital of Muscat, where our guests will be able to enjoy the films screened amidst the fascinating Palm Lane Gardens of the InterContinental Hotel.

For the first time, films from the three German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be presented to the audience, ranging from children's movies to deep thought-provoking feature films and comedies. In other words, popular productions that will attract the audience’s attention.

The opening night on November 2, 2022 will begin with a small reception and speeches by the ambassadors of the three countries. We look forward to the screening of the first feature film, the 2018 Austrian adorable couple’s therapy comedy “Die Wunderübung” (The Miracle Exercise), whose screenplay is based on the 2014 comedy of the same name by Daniel Glattauer. It was directed by Michael Kreihsl (Risks and Side Effects), who has won multiple international film awards. Peppered with biting dialog wit and amazing twists, in which the therapist is not uninvolved, the film about the desolate, but not hopeless love affair, offers plenty of room for identification.

On the second evening of the GGFF, the Swiss children's film "Schellen-Ursli" (Little Mountain Boy, 2015) and the German romantic comedy with a touch of fantasy "Hello Again - Ein Tag für immer" will be shown.

"Schellen-Ursli" is based on the picture book of the same name by Selina Chönz and Alois Carigiet from 1945. Swiss director Xavier Koller (Journey of Hope) took the story of the brave boy with the black curls and the blue pointed cap, which is familiar to most children in Switzerland, as an opportunity to retell this story in an exciting way. Being teased by his friends, Ursli sets off for the mountains to prove himself, and the ascent is accompanied by ominous dangers.

Another festival highlight is the funny love story "Hello again – A Wedding a Day" by Maggie Peren (Kiss and Run, The Forger). The film is about a young woman who is invited to the wedding of her former best friend. The fact that his chosen bride is her archenemy drives her to try to sabotage the wedding. Due to a time loop she is trapped in, this happens over and over again – until she realizes that much more important things and people matter in her life.

The GULF GERMAN LANGUAGE FILM FESTIVAL is a co-production of the Goethe-Institut and the German Embassy as well as the Austrian and Swiss Embassies in Oman.



Der Film basiert auf einem bekannten Kinderbuch von Selina Chönz und Alois Carigiet. Zu Ursli’s Leidwesen hat er für den „Chalandamarz“, das Fest, an dem der Winter von den Dorfbuben mit lautem Glockengeläut vertrieben wird, das kleinste Glöckchen zugeteilt bekommt. Deswegen wird er als „Schellen- Ursli“ verlacht. Aus Wut über diese Schmach beschliesst er, das Unmögliche zu wagen, was sich nicht einmal ein Erwachsener zutrauen würde. Er will mitten im Winter, bei Schnee und Eis, Nacht und Nebel, die grosse Kuhglocke im Maiensäss holen. Dort auf der Alp hat er zusammen mit seinen Eltern den Sommer verbracht. Der Aufstieg wird zum spannenden Abenteuer, bei dem er manch bedrohlicher Gefahr ausgesetzt ist. Frühmorgens zurück im Tal wird er im Dorf triumphal gefeiert und darf mit der grössten Glocke den „Chalandamarz“ Umzug anführen.“

Die Wunderübung

Historian Joana (Aglaia Szyszkowitz) and aeronautical engineer Valentin (Devid Striesow) have been married for many years, they have two grown-up children, but by now, their relationship is at an end. A joint session with a couple’s therapist (Jürgen Tarrach) seems to be the last chance to save their marriage. But even in the trial therapy session, the situation only seems to escalate at first, as the old points of argument boil up again. But then the therapist receives a phone call that changes everything....
Adaptation of the play of the same name by Daniel Glattauer. In 90 minutes, the chamber play tells the events during the therapy session in real time.

Hello Again – Ein Tag für immer

Zazie lives with her two closest friends in a flat-sharing community of the relationship-impaired. When she receives the invitation to the wedding of her former best friend Philipp and her archrival Franziska, she has to save her old friend from making the mistake of a lifetime, but her attempt to sabotage the wedding fails miserably. Due to a time loop, this happens again and again, until at some point she realizes that it is not about Philipp at all...


Nebenan © Beta Cinema Summer in Berlin: German-Spanish actor Daniel is on the sunny side of life, both professionally and privately. He is being considered for a role in a new U.S. superhero film and lives in a comfortable loft apartment with his wife. A nanny looks after the children, who are growing up bilingually. When he stops at the corner pub in Prenzlauer Berg shortly before his casting trip to London, Daniel meets Bruno. The older neighbor from East Berlin has only been waiting for this moment. Bruno sees himself as a loser of German reunification, a victim of gentrification, and wants to take revenge on Daniel. He confronts the actor, who is used to success, with revelations that put his private life and career in danger.

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