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Prof. Dr. Daniel Memmert

Prof. Dr. Daniel Memmert Kenny Beele Cologne Prof. Dr. Daniel Memmert is the managing director of the Institute for Training Science and Computer Science at the German Sports University Cologne. According to a publicly accessible database of the world's top 100,000 scientists, he ranks first in Germany in the field of "Sport Science".

He has raised more than 8 million euros in third-party funding, including eleven projects funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft (German Research Foundation): six in the computer sciences, and five in the field of psychology.

The focus of his scientific work ranges from movement sciences and sports informatics to sports psychology. He has published several books as well as numerous articles in international academic journals and cooperates closely with various German football teams, the German national team as well as DAX companies. 

Prof. Dr. Daniel Memmert regularly gives talks on various topics related to professional football, both to expert audiences and those interested in football. Topics include big data in professional football, creativity in professional football and cognitive processes and motivation of professional football players, which relates to his latest book 'Mental Game' (on the importance of having the right mindset to win a match).

Facebook: @Institut für Trainingswissenschaft und Sportinformatik
Instagram: @prof_daniel_memmert
Twitter: @DSHS_ITS