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Moritz Rinke

Moritz Rinke Moritz Rinke Moritz Rinke, born in Worpswede in 1967, studied at Giessen University’s drama department and subsequently worked as a journalist. His plays, including "Republik Vineta", "Wir lieben und wissen nichts" and "Westend", are performed nationally and internationally and reach an audience of millions. Rinke is considered one of the leading playwrights of his generation. His debut novel "Der Mann, der durch das Jahrhundert fiel" (2010) became a bestseller. His most recent novel is "Der längste Tag im Leben des Pedro Fernández García" (2021). Moritz Rinke lives in Spain and in Berlin. 

ZDF/ARTE has made a film about Rinke’s life (Mein Leben – Moritz Rinke). He is an active member of Germany’s official national authors’ team and one of its top scorers. Rinke has published several collections of short stories about football.

Facebook: @Moritz Rinke
Instagram: @moritzrinke