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Our special courses focus on key learning areas such as conversation, grammar, pronunciation and exam preparation.

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Keep up your German (C2)

Would you like to utilise and expand your German language skills (C2)? Are you interested in regional and cultural studies and love exciting discussions? Then this is the right course for you.
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Conversation for Beginners

Are you at an A1 or A2 language level and would like to improve your conversational skills? Why not join our online conversation course for beginners!
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Conversation for Advanced Students

Are you at a B1+ to C1 language level and would you like to fine-tune your conversational skills? Why not join our conversation course for advanced language students!
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B1 Lunch-time Conversation

The ideal opportunity for all students at a B1 level who have would like to practice their spoken German.


Boost your German Grammar with Tricks Workshop

Each 90 minute workshop focuses on a pre-defined topic, such as two-way prepositions, the various adjective endings, connectors for subordinate clauses and more.

Exam Preparation

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Start A1 - Exam Preparation Workshop

B1 Exam © Goethe-Institut Melbourne

B1 - Exam Preparation Workshop

Other special courses

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Individual courses and small group courses

If you are looking at learning German at your own pace and time or would like to tailor a course around your personal language goals, an individual course might be your most effective option.

Available via Zoom or face to face.
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Corporate courses

Whether you wish to foster your business connections or would like to offer further development opportunities to your employees, we have just got the right product for you.

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