Advice and service

Bildungskooperation Deutsch Foto: Goethe-Institut/Sonja Tobias

Educational Services

The Educational Cooperation in Australia works closely with the following partners: German teachers’ associations, Education Departments, educational institutions and Professional Learning Facilitators.
Our goal is to support the teaching and learning of German amongst others through:
  • professional learning and development for teachers of German
  • cultural programs and events for teachers and students of German (e.g. exhibitions, competitions, concerts)
  • scholarships and study tours
Australia is a large country and our mission is to assist all teachers of German, where possible. Only with partners, can we succeed in this mission. 

Virtual consultation and advice for your lesson planning

You are a teacher of German and are looking for support and advice with your German classes? We are happy to help you! 

How do I plan varied, learner-centric, action-oriented and communicative lessons? Where can I find impulses, suggestions and ideas in order to be able to structure and carry out my lessons effectively? How do I teach grammar inductively? 

We are happy to inform you about new materials, support you in your lesson planning and give you practical tips for your lesson plans. 

Please send a short e-mail to to arrange an appointment.