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We promote the study of German abroad and encourage international cultural exchange.


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Web Dossiers

Berlinale Blogger 2018 Art Design: Lea Delazer © Goethe-Institut

Berlinale Blogger

Screenland flocks to Berlin: The 68th Berlinale takes place between the 15th and 25th of February. Ten bloggers and film journalists from all over the world cover the international film festival as Berlinale Bloggers for the Goethe-Institut. Blogging for Australia for the second time is Brisbane-based film critic Sarah Ward.

Bicultural Urbanite Banner © Goethe-Institut Australien; Photo: Isabelle Beyer

Bicultural Urbanite

Australian-expats Luke and Brianna regularly post about their Berlin-adventures for our blog project Bicultural Urbanite. Follow them on Instagram @bicultural_urbanite

Kino in Oz

For #kinoinoz, Brisbane-based film critic Sarah Ward takes a closer look at German films screening down under. Here you'll find everything from film reviews and interviews to release information.


Anti-liberal, nationalistic movements are gaining in strength around the world. Why are populist tendencies on the rise in this era of digitization and globalisation? How can the values of democracy be protected?

Future Perfect © Goethe-Institut

Future Perfect

The world is in need of ideas for a better, more sustainable future, but ideas are not enough. The Goethe-Institut and the foundation FUTURZWEI collect stories for tomorrow – lived today, everywhere.

Sustainably Chic

Our consciousness is in constant flux when it comes to our choices of clothing and housing. Worldwide, more and more people consider the relevance of sustainable consumerism - in which sustainability no longer equals lack of style.

Urban Subcultures © Anno Dittmer

Urban Subcultures

Subcultures can have a significant impact on visually and culturally shaping a city. This dossier aims to examine subcultures in urban spaces in Germany and Australia.

Well Worth Seeing

Tourist magnets, architecture as theatre and cultural flagships: buildings like the newly-opened Elbphilharmonie are meant to enhance culture with their spectacular architecture – and positively influence the development of a city or a region. But does it work?

It’s Berlinale time!

The 67th Berlinale will be held from 9 until 19 February. Twelve bloggers and film journalists from around the world will cover the international film festival for the Goethe-Institut – from an international perspective. 

Culture Projects

Responsibility & Humanity

Responsibility & Humanity – Culture, Nature and Terror? is an event series presented in Australia by the Goethe-Institut. Join us for the dialogue between a group of four contemporary German thinkers and a range of inspiring Australian guests. Investigate the key philosophical questions of our time with us!

Goethe-Institut Damascus | In Exile

In 2016 the Goethe-Institut in Berlin initiated the project “Damascus in Exile”: for two weeks, the Goethe-Institut provided a room, infrastructure, facilities and a framework for Syrian artists who had come to Germany. Now, a similar idea comes to Sydney...

Herlinde Koelbl

Herlinde Koelbl is one of the major political photographers in Germany. Her photos addressing burning issues of the time have made her known worldwide. Koelbl combines a journalistic documentary approach with high artistic standards in a way uniquely her own.

Fast Fashion

How is it possible, that fashionable clothing items are so cheap? Who are the people producing the items and under what circumstances are they working? What impact do the fast changing fashion trends have on the environment? The exhibition Fast Fashion. The dark side of fashion deals with these questions...

Educational Services Projects

German Absolutely ©Goethe-Institut Australien

German? Absolutely!

German? Absolutely! Have a look at our updated concepts and teaching materials for children. This offer is for 4-10 year old German learners and those who support young German learners playfully with the newest educational methods.

Kino for Kids ©Goethe-Institut Australien

Kino for Kids

A real treat is coming up for young audience in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney as we present our “Kino for Kids” segment in Palace Cinemas’ German Film Festival. Get the popcorn ready!

German School Film Festival

Filmmakers, get ready! The time has come. This year, the German School Film Festival will take you on a journey into the future: "GERMANY IN THE YEAR 3017".

CLIL in German

Speak German + study Science
The Goethe-Institut supports schools intending to start, facilitate and strengthen CLIL German programs.