10 Years of PASCH

10 Years of PASCH ©Goethe-Institut

A range of activities took place both in Germany and in 120 countries worldwide to mark the 10th anniversary of the program „Schools: Partner for the Future“ (PASCH).    

The Goethe-Institut Australien produced a video showing the PASCH program in 3 Fit schools in Australia. Students, teachers and principals from Box Hill High School, Kenmore State High School and Ferny Grove State High School shared their experiences with the program and talked about the impact it had on their private and school lives.

Goethe-Institut Australien

In October 2018, students, teachers and principals of PASCH schools as well as representatives from educational institutions in the Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand (SAN) region, came together in Bali to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the PASCH program. During the student camp, the participants created a play which presented their ideas and wishes of their ideal German classes. Meanwhile, teachers of German gained insight into methodology and the didactics of language teaching. The future of language teaching was also the focus of the principals conference, where the latest developments and research in the field of language teaching were discussed. The highlight of the event was the reception by the German Embassy Jakarta.

Goethe-Institut Indonesien

Top 10 for 10

Top 10 ©Colourbox.com

Competition for students in Australian Fit-schools

As part of the 10th anniversary of the PASCH program, the Goethe-Institut Australien initiated the competition “Top 10 for 10”. Students in Australian Fit-schools were asked to demonstrate PASCH experiences in a graphically designed top 10 list. We received a number of original and creative top 10 lists with topics ranging from PASCH experiences, to favourite German words, to German foods. The two main prizes went to students from Box Hill High School in Victoria and Ferny Grove State High School in Queensland. Both students will participate in the regional PASCH student camp in Bali.