Events and Competitions

Events and Competitions

Activating pupils is one of the most important – and sometimes most difficult – challenges any teacher faces. The Goethe-Institut Australia has therefore put together a series of cultural events and competitions designed to help you motivate your pupils and to make learning German more fun.

Events Goethe-Institut in Sydney (NSW, QLD, ACT, NT)

Are you planning a school excursion with your German class? We would love to welcome you at Goethe-Institut Sydney! We offer different, topic-related activities for students. We are seeking to give your students the opportunity to actively get to know the German language and culture as well as to convey a current image of Germany in a way that is suitable for youth.

The Goethe-Institut in Sydney currently offers two poster exhibitions  "Land of Inventors - Research in Germany" and Lautstark.

Target group: all levels
Duration: approx. 2hrs
Costs: free
Would you and your students like to prepare the oral HSC exam together with other German learners? We offer a day with intensive communicative activities for high school students from different schools, who prepare the oral exam under guidance of experienced teachers.

Dates for 2017:
HSC Continuers Day: 5.5.2017
HSC Extension Day: 2.6.2017

Target group: HSC Continuers/Extension
Duration: 9am - 2 pm
Costs: free
What is a Ring-tailed Possum in German? Or a Short-beaked Echidna? What about a Blue Tongued Lizard? Where does the python live? What animal cannot get enough of eating Praying Mantids and how does a crocodile get its babies? If that sounds interesting for your students, the German Zoo Days Goethe Goes Wild offered by the Goethe Institute Australien are just the right idea for you and your German classes!

Target group: level A1-A2, classes 7-8
Costs: $19 per student

Sydney Zoo Days: Taronga Zoo
Please contact for more information 

Brisbane Zoo Days: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Dates 2017:
  • 14.6.2017
  • 15.6.2017 - fully booked
  • 16.6.2017

Canberra Zoo Day: National Zoo&Aquarium
Please contact for more information
Target group
Students from level 7 for schools with German classes and a possible cooperation with the subject art

Project instructor
Gabriele Richter, freelance artist and lecturer German as Foreign Language

Project location
Gallery of New South Wales, Working room in the Goethe-Institut or in the school

Guided tour through a department of the gallery and evaluation of the tour with German work material
Students create their own artwork under the theme of the exhibition

Part 1: 90 minutes
Part 2: 150 minutes

Further information
  • Part 1 can be booked separately
  • Working material for the artwork of the students must be provided by the school
  • Class material will be provided by the Goethe-Institut
  • Instructor fee to be discussed
For high school students we are offering HSC preparation courses (continuers and extension). These courses are suitable for Year 11 and Year 12 students who wish to enrich their knowledge of German in their school holidays. The content is based on themes and topics specified to the NSW curriculum. 

Target Group: Year 11-12
Date and time: 16.01.-20.01.2017
Continuers: 9:30-12:30 pm
Extension: 1:00-4:00pm
For further information please visit the Language Course Department website
Costs: $279 per course
New arrival: Our ‘Wheel Of Knowledge‘! The Goethe-Institut provides the opportunity to lend a wheel of fortune and attached quiz questions for German lessons at schools or promotional events.  The questions refer to the five categories ‘German Food’, ‘German Cities and Geography’, ‘German Language’, ‘Sports’ and ‘leisure time’. If interested, the wheel of fortune is available for self-pick up at the Goethe-Institut Sydney.

Cost:  free

The Wheel of Knowledge © Goethe-Institut

Events Goethe-Institut in Melbourne (VIC, SA, WA, TAS)

Why should your next school excursion not go to the Goethe-Institut? Guided tours through regularly changing, interesting exhibitions are waiting for you at the Goethe-Institut in Melbourne, as well as a range of topic-related activities. We are seeking to give your students the opportunity to actively get to know the German language and culture as well as to convey a current image of Germany in a way that is suitable for youth.

In addition to general information concerning the work of Goethe-Institut in Australia but also worldwide, we offer changing learning stations in relation to the exhibitions that we host at the Goethe-Institut.

The Goethe-Institut in Melbourne currently offers guided tours through the poster exhibition Lautstark, which offers an insight into the latest trends in German music. Further information is available here.

Target Group: all levels or classes
Duration: approx. 2h
Costs: free
Contact: Jelena Herster
The German Day Out is held in Victoria each year. Through lectures and a cultural program the students have the chance to learn about the advantages and opportunities that German language skills offer them.

Target Group: Year 8-12
Duration: approx. 3-4h
Costs: varying
Contact: Jelena Herster

Registrations German Day Out 2016
Would your students like to prepare for their VCE-exams or improve their grammar skills together with other learners of German of the same age? Then our VCE and Grammar Classes are the perfect opportunity for them. We offer an intensive and effective preparation for their VCE-exams with the help of our qualified and experienced teachers.

Target Group: Year 10-12
Duration: varying, for further information please visit the Language Course Department website.
Costs: depending on the duration of the course

We also offer group courses outside of Melbourne, e.g. in Latrobe Valley, cost depends on the duration of the course.   
Motivate your students with a sense of achievement! With the Fit in Deutsch 1 and Fit in Deutsch 2 exams (Level A1/ A2), your students get the opportunity to gain an internationally recognized certificate. The exams require simple German language skills and cover topics from everyday situations like presenting oneself and others, reading and listening comprehension, as well as common questions and requests.

For more information visit the Language Course Department website.   


Goethe-Institut and its partners in Australia, as well as various organisations in Germany regularly offer competitions for students, teachers and other target groups. You can win attractive prizes, occasionally even cash prizes or scholarships to Germany. It is always worthwhile to keep an eye on this page!

This competition invites students and school classes to produce a short film on a given topic in any format. There are three categories, with three prizes awarded in each category. Information is usually published in March each year.

School Film Festival
The Goethe-Institut, in collaboration with the German Teachers’ Association of Victoria AGTV invites students of German in Year 10 to participate in this popular competition. The lucky main winner will receive a full language scholarship for a 3-week German course at a Goethe-Institut in Germany in January 2017, including airfares and full board. Two further prizes are an intensive holiday course each by the Goethe-Institut to be taken before July 2017.

The awards will be announced and presented at the German Day Out 2016 on 27 July 2016.

Application deadline is 31 May 2016.

Jelena Herster

With this competition the Goethe-Institut Sydney invites promising Year 10 students of German in NSW to apply for the Year 10 award. The award comprises a 3 week German course in Germany in January 2018, international return airfare and basic insurance. Further information will follow shortly.

Application deadline: 23.June 2017


The German Language Network Tasmania conducts the annual Goethe Competition. For students in secondary schools this consists of poetry recital, reading comprehension and listening comprehension, while primary students in Years 5 and 6 submit a poster. There are always lovely prizes from Germany to be won.

Ans van Heyster