Fremont and 7th st., Las Vegas
"Love Forever" by D*Face

"Love Forever" by D*Face © D*Face. Photo: Lord Jim

Walls, Guitars, Motorcycles

D*Face (alias Dean Stockton) began his career in the late 90s as an urban artist in London creating hand-painted stickers and posters. In the protective darkness of the night he composed his first works, murals, for which he is world-famous. His identity remained anonymous until 2008, when he decided to make his name public. D*Face stands for unmistakable graffiti, stickers and posters that can be seen in various cities around the world. Recurring images of celebrities (such as Marylin Monroe), punk iconography, and a focus on consumer behavior characterize D*Face's work. Inspiration for his art is taken from pop art, New York subway graffiti and skateboarding culture. D*Face is fascinated by the challenges every new wall poses – the feeling of standing in front of the finished mural and having brought his vision to life is incredible.

With "Bits and Bobs" he expanded his artistic range even further: objects such as motorcycle helmets, skateboards and guitars have been embellished with his paintings. He has also designed CD covers for Christina Aguilera and Blink-182. Most of his wall paintings can be admired in L.A.