Tasks and Targets


Sprache. Kultur. Deutschland.

The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach.

We promote knowledge of the German language abroad and foster international cultural cooperation. We convey a comprehensive image of Germany by providing information about cultural, social and political life in our nation. Our cultural and educational programs encourage intercultural dialogue and enable cultural involvement. They strengthen the development of structures in civil society and foster worldwide mobility.

With our network of Goethe-Instituts, Goethe Centers, cultural societies, reading rooms and exam and language learning centers, we have been the first point of contact for many with Germany for over sixty years. Our long-lasting partnerships with leading institutions and individuals in over ninety countries create enduring trust in Germany. We are partners for all who actively engage with Germany and its culture, working independently and without political ties.

The Goethe-Institut in Canada

Our main goals are to
  • present in Canada a current image of culture from Germany
  • promote the exchange between German and Canadian artists
  • position German language and culture in the Canadian educational system
  • promote Canada's foreign and cultural policy interest in Germany and the EU.

A modern image of Germany in Canada

We develop initiatives in order to update, accentuate and change existing ideas about Germany. Our thematic information packages and programs –created to enable a modern, differentiated perception of Germany– help reduce mutual cliches and preconceptions. We initiate and organise encounters in Germany and Canada to complement this exchange and to build sustainable relations.

Promotion of contemporary German culture

We present important positions in contemporary German culture. Not only do we bring art and culture from Germany to Canada, we also like to introduce current ideas in thought and life. We support the creation of individual and institutional relations between the cultural circles in Germany and Canada.

Positioning of German language and culture in the Canadian educational system

We promote Germany and its culture in the Canadian educational system. This is why we support efforts to learn German and the position of German teaching in the educational systems of our host country Canada. In doing this, we work closely with Canadian associations such as the CAUTG (Canadian Association of University Teachers of German) and the CATG (Canadian Association of Teachers of German).

Promotiom of Canada's foreign and cultural policy interest in Germany and the EU

We understand German culture as part of a European culture. Together with other European cultural institutes and partners, we want to contribute to building a transatlantic cultural community. Starting with common problems and challenges these days, we would like to integrate important intellectual, cultural and practical European contributions into the transatlantic community. The ever evolving European Union is a partner to the Canadian civil society.

Our partners in these endeavours are

  • experts, decision-makers and leaders in the arts, culture, politics, economics, the media, education and sciences
  • specialists and teachers for German as a Foreign Language
  • young professionals
  • high-school and university students
  • the general public interested in German culture and language