Evaluation seminar 2017

Evaluation Seminar695 © © Goethe-Institut Kamerun Evaluation Seminar695 © Goethe-Institut Kamerun

​From the 12-15.october the evaluation seminar of the PAD& PASCH scholarships 2017 took place in Yaoundé. 15 adolescents aged 15 to 18, met for 3 days to talk about their experiences & observations in Germany.
For 3 or 4 weeks they participated in the PASCH/PAD scholarship-program: They did attend a lot of german courses, but they made also their first experiences in a foreign country, while they were exploring cities such as Frankfurt, Berlin, Schwäbisch Hall, Munich and Hannover. The main topic was to talk about the good and bad experiences they had.
Positively perceived was the execution of the german courses, a lot of offers for leisure, but mostly the encounter with participants from different countries. When mentioning the food, the students weren`t as euphoric: “There were too many potatoes” was a statement, which caused a lot of laughter and agreement.
Other workshops dealt with topics such as stereotypes, development of skills and future perspectives.
As a whole, the trip was seen as an exciting and rewarding time, in which prejudices could be reduced and language skills improved.
The students have now a more differentiated point of view on the life in Germany and most of them are considering to return.
The exchange of different perceptions and impressions did not only offer the possibility for reflection, but was also a proper ending of the program.

The seminar was organized and supervised by our PASCH-Alumna Natacha and kulturweit-volunteer Patricia.