2.5D Mask

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    The 2.5D Mask allows the user to become anonymous by transforming their face into the style of an anime character. The masks are available online as open-source data that can be downloaded for free. After printing them out onto A4 paper, the masks are assembled easily using scissors and glue. Participants share images on social media of the masks being worn, tagged with the hashtag #2_5dmask.

    The project has garnered a very positive response online, with people from many different areas around the world posting images of the masks being worn. The masks have also appeared in television commercials and music videos. These images of people wearing masks in the style of anime characters evoke a “2.5D” world. The mysterious figures inhabiting this space between the second and third dimensions could be described as characters who are not characters.

    About the artists

    Born in 1992 and lives in Japan. She devises and produces 2.5D masks. She also creates video and animation, and carries out activities closely related to characters. In 2012, she won Silver Prize at the 18th Student CG Contest Campus Genius Award for “Take 1, Take 2, Take 3.” In 2013, she was included in the list of 100 “motion graphic creators” of the year. In 2015, “2.5D Mask” received a Jury Selection in the Entertainment Division of the 19th Japan Media Arts Awards.

    Maki Iwabuchi
    Born in 1990 and lives in Japan. With a focus on photography, her work explores the body, the land, and folk traditions.

    Mari Miyazaki
    Born in 1991 and lives in Japan. She is an art project producer, especially online projects.

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