Data Dreams

    The digital revolution is changing our lives in fundamental ways. By now we are already moving in hybrid spaces in which real and virtual notions of space intertwine. There is no bus journey to take that would not simultaneously also leave a trace in virtual space and also no visit to a restaurant that would not result in in another data point in one’s digital profile, which big data collectors are keeping of every individual now. Real space however is not only being mirrored in the virtual now, but also manipulated. Search results on the internet are contingent on one’s actions in real space. How we eat, love and think is pre-configured by customized virtual offers. The permeation of real/virtual spaces is radically pervasive and not only interferes with our understanding of the world or our everyday life, it also penetrates our bodies.
    How are we dealing with this and how can we get to a better understanding of ourselves in these new worlds?! – International artists, hackers, and other experts are participating in in this project by the Goethe Institutes in the East-Asia region.

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