The future of memory Montevideo

Music may be one of the most provocative and enduring testimonies of an era. In 1966, together with Mario Handler and Eugenio Hintz, Uruguayan musicologist and researcher Lauro Ayestarán produced "Nursery Rhymes (Juegos y Rondas)", a short film that recovers several of the traditional songs recited by children in the streets, schools and parks of Uruguay. Today, this short film comes back to light, thanks to the digital restoration carried out by the Laboratory of Preservation of the General Archive at the University of the Republic.
It is precisely the tension between analogue and digital material, which marks the starting point for this project, which will be carried out by the Hornero Migratorio collective at the ANCAP del Cerro School, where some of the scenes for "Nursery Rhymes" were filmed. The idea is to conduct a workshop with the students and teachers of this school and create a new song, documented on video, which integrates the original material collected by Ayestarán more than half a century ago.
The families of the students are also invited to participate in this initiative with stories and possible memories of their childhood recorded in photos, cassettes, slides or vinyls. In short, it is a collaborative project that will unite the voices of children of the past and the present, as an opportunity to think on collective memory, and the dialogical relationship between audiovisual materials of a lasting and ephemeral character.

Artists and curators

Hornero Migratorio at the ANCAP School del Cerro

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  • Ancap 1 © Hornero Migratorio
  • Ancap 2 © Hornero Migratorio
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Video final © Hornero Migratorio

A collective creation

After several months of work, this is the final video recorded as a collaboration between Homero Migratorio, the General Archive of the University of the Republic (AGU) and the students and teachers of the Ancap School No. 170.

Agu Montevideo © Hornero Migratorio

The intimacy of the archive

Visiting the past through photos, letters, publications, and films. This is a preview of the joint work carried out between the General Archive of the University of the Republic and Hornero Migratorio.


Games and traditional playground singing games of Uruguay

This is the full “Games and Traditional Playground Singing Games of Uruguay” movie, a record of the country’s musical folklore half a century ago.

Juegos y rondas © Archivo General de la Universidad de la República

Two versions: Telecine and full HD

The tension between the analog and the digital is evident in this comparative video from the short film produced in 1966 by Lauro Ayestarán, Mario Handler, and Eugenio Hintz.

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