Film Series: 14.–22.11.2020
Berlinale Selection 2020

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In addition to the Venice International Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival, the Berlinale is one of the most famous European film festivals. Over the years, the Berlinale has developed into a place for intercultural encounters and a platform for critical cinematic discussion of social issues. Even this year, on its 70th anniversary, the Berlinale has made advances in the area of diversity and equality. The Berlinale is now the first film festival to introduce gender-neutral awards and to bring parity into the newly arranged management level.

With the Berlinale Selection 2020, the Goethe-Institut Cyprus is continuing a film series presenting a selection of the best new German language films of the year every autumn. You will have the opportunity to watch films that were produced in Germany and offer an insight into social issues through the medium of film.

The six films that the Goethe-Institut Cyprus selected this year are presented on three different theme nights on the weekends as well as throughout the week.

On the first evening, the films Sisters Apart (German: Im Feuer) and House Without Roof (German: Haus ohne Dach) show stories about siblings who grew up in Germany instead of their country of birth, because of their parents flight to Germany. Family ties and loyalty lead them into tricky situations and they discover hidden family secrets.

The theme night with No Hard Feelings (German: Futur Drei) and Cocoon (German: Kokon) addresses the self-discovery of homosexual teenagers as well as the refugee issue.

Finally, on the third theme night, the documentaries Walchensee Forever and Automotive show women in very different working environments. In the 100-year-old excursion café at Lake Walchensee, which has been run by the women of one family for several generations, we take a look back at their family history throughout the change of time. The film Automotive looks into the future, into the working world of the fully automated and rapidly developing automotive industry and shows two dissimilar women of a generation in which everyone will sooner or later become replaceable.


Scene from the film "Sisters Apart" © Pallas Film, Match Factory Productions, View Master Films

Sisters Apart

93 minutes // 2020 // Director: Daphne Charizani

Scene from the film "House Without Roof" © missingFILMs

House Without Roof

117 minutes // 2016 // Director: Soleen Yusef

Scene from the film "No Hard Feelings" © Edition Salzgeber, Jünglinge Film

No Hard Feelings

92 minutes // 2020 // Director: Faraz Shariat

Scene from the film "Cocoon" © Edition Salzgeber, DFF


95 minutes // 2020 // Director: Leonie Krippendorff

Scene from the film "Walchensee Foreve" © Flare Film

Walchensee Forever

110 minutes // 2020 // Director: Janna Ji Wonders

Scene from the film "Automotive" © Jonas Heldt


80 minutes // 2020 // Director: Jonas Heldt


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