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Berlinale Selection 2021 is the third edition of the film series organised by the Goethe-Institut Cyprus since 2019. The series aims to bring current German cinema to audiences in Cyprus. This year eight films will be screened, which premiered at the Berlinale in 2021. For the first time, the films will be shown at Pantheon Cinema on the big screen.

The opening film is simultaneously a link to the summer cinema film series about Maria Schrader as it is her newest film I'm your man, starring Maren Eggert, who won the Silver Bear for her performance. The film is about the tragicomic and futuristic relationship between a woman and a humanoid robot.

Two documentary films deal with the future of our planet. Who we were, inspired by Willemsen's essay by the same name, is a reflection on the current situation of our world. Six prominent thinkers and philosophers reflect on our times and offer inspiring outlooks for the future. The Dutch-German film Silence of the Tides is a cinematic portrait of Wadden Sea, showing the fragile relationship between human and nature, captured in magnificent images and incredible sound.

Three films are about children and young people. The awarded and highly acclaimed documentary Mr Bachmann and his class shows that school can be more than a place of knowledge transfer. In Wet Dog we experience the meaning that belonging to a group has for young people. 16 year-old Iranian Soheil hides that he is Jewish in order to become a member of a Muslim gang in Berlin. What are young people prepared to do for the acceptance of their peers? Set against the historical backdrop of the Second World War, Dear Mr Führer is about betrayal and father-son relationships.

Famous actor Lars Eidinger plays the lead role in The last execution, a thriller based on the life of Dr Werner Teske, who was the last person to be sentenced to death and executed in the GDR in 1981. The last execution tells the unsettling story of a man who gets caught up in the mills of a system of injustice and breaks as a result.

The film series concludes with Fabian going to the dogs by Dominik Graf starring Tom Schilling. This film shows the crazy life in Berlin after the world economic crisis. It is based on the novel Fabian. Die Geschichte eines Moralisten by Erich Kästner from 1931, which was labelled as "degenerate" by the national socialists and was among the victims of the book burnings.


Scene from the film "I'm your man" © Christine Fenzl

Science Fiction Romance
I'm your man

108 minutes // 2021 // Director: Maria Schrader

Scene from the film "Silence of the tides" – The picture shows a sunset at Wadden Sea. On the left the silhouettes of two people standing next to a camera mounted on a tripod can be seen. They are looking towards the sunset in the background of the picture. © Pieter-Rim de Kroon

Silence of the tides

102 minutes // 2021 // Director: Pieter-Rim de Kroon

Scene from the film "Who we were" – A large room in grey tones. In the far back a glass wall with long windowblinds can be seen. In the middle of the room a very large colour 3D and illuminated globe is hanging from the ceiling. A staircase in the background leads to the next floor. © X Verleih AG

Who we were

114 minutes // 2021 // Director: Marc Bauder

Scene from the film "Dear Mr Führer" – There are two people in the picture, an adult on the left and a boy on the right. Both are looking suspensefully towards the camera, while leaning towards one another and holding hands. © Jürgen Olcyk

Dear Mr Führer

93 minutes // 2020 // Director: Christian Lerch

Scene from the film "Wet Dog" – A young man is standing in the middle of what seems like a school assembly, with his fellow students seated around him and some looking at him. He is wearing his long hear in a bun and a beige jacket with a hoody. © Menemsha Films

Wet Dog

103 minutes // 2021 // Director: Damir Lukačević

Scene from the film "The last execution" – Three men in suits and ties are sitting in a room. They seem to be discussing with one another. The two men on the right are facing the man in the foreground, who can only be seen from the back. The situation seems tense. © alamodefilm

The last execution

116 minutes // 2021 // Director: Franziska Stünkel

Scene from the film "Mr Bachmann and his class" – There are many guitars in the classroom. In the background three students are writing on the board. In the foreground a man is juggling three tennis balls. A student with his back towards the camera is observing him as he juggles. © Madonnen Film GmbH

Mr Bachmann and his class

217 minutes // 2021 // Director: Maria Speth

Scene from the film "Fabian - Going to the dogs" – A young man is standing with a cigarette in his mouth in front of a red-brick building. He is gazing into the distance. He is wearing a jacket, a blue checkered shirt and a red tie. © Lupa Film | Hanno Lentz

Fabian – Going to the dogs

186 minutes // 2021 // Director: Dominik Graf


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