60 Years Treffpunkt Goethe
60 years – 60 words

Sort (typesetting) Photo: pixabay.com (CC0 1.0)

In sixty years, not only does the face of a country change, but also the language. New words become necessary to denote new facts and conditions. The fall of the Berlin Wall, ecology, digitization, but also new political constellations such as coalitions had to be named. Come with us on a journey through 60 years, explore the wealth of words and forbidden words of the year and expand your vocabulary at the same time!

The quiz was designed by the Goethe-Institut Warsaw on the occasion of its 30th anniversary (2020).

what is it specifically about?

We want to trace the German history of the last 60 years with you – and to do that on the basis of the “Word of the Year” award and other words that have shaped the history and society of Germany through the years.

What is the “Word of the Year”?

The Society for the German Language has been designating a word or phrase every year since 1977, which has particularly determined the public discussion and stands for an important topic. With the word of the year one discovers, so to speak, “key verbal fossils” of a year. The word frequency is not relevant here. Since 1991, an “unword of the year” has been chosen every year, especially words which violate humanity and human dignity. Since 1991 the selection of words has been enriched to include the “Youth Word of the Year” for which prizes will be awarded to innovative verbal creations.

For the years 1961–1976 you will find in our game a selection of words and terms of great significance.

Note: To practice or become familiar with the material you will find all (Un-)Wörter und Jugendwörter der Jahre mit Erklärung