Film screening
Made in Germany 2: Inner City Life

Scene from the film "my castle your castle"
© Kerstin Honeit

Within the framework of the "Weeks of the German language"

ARTos House

Made in Germany 2: Inner City Life the second part of our series with the best German short films of the past ten years, takes a fresh look at the city and its architecture.

At the centre of this programme is the winner of the 2015 German competition, Shift, which weaves together the director’s personal family history with a portrait of the city of Salzgitter. The film combines analysis and imagination as it follows the stream of revealed histories. Kerstin Honeit invites construction workers to a coffee party among the skeleton construction work of the Berlin City Palace for a grotesque staging of the demolition and reconstruction of nationalistic myths.

Marian Mayland, on the other hand, recalls a demolished apartment block in Manchester by furiously combining documentary material with excerpts from cultural counterprojects of the early techno and acid house scene. And Maximilian Villwock shows us how love in nocturnal Berlin turns into a power struggle when the ego takes the upper hand.

Finally, Please Say Something animates the city in a way you have never seen and sets off an enigmatic and futuristic fireworks display of images about the relationship between a cat and a mouse in the internet era. All these works were festival favourites in Oberhausen and elsewhere.

Maximilian Villwock, Germany 2016 colour, no dialogue, 13’30’’
future past perfect Punkt 03 (U_08-1)
Carsten Nicolai, Germany 2009 colour, no dialogue, 4’
Alex Gerbaulet, Germany 2015 colour + b/w, German with English subs, 28’30’’
my castle your castle
Kerstin Honeit, Germany 2017 colour, German with English subs, 15’
Driving Around Where the Crescents Used To Be. A Script.
Marian Mayland, Germany 2015 colour, English, 15’
Please Say Something
David OReilly, Germany 2009 colour, English, 10’


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