The Centre for international Cultural Education in Bonn


In its stance against right-wing extremism and racism and for its championing of migration and societal cohesion, the Centre for international Cultural Education of the Goethe-Institut at Bonn is a port of call for a multitude of cooperation partners in Bonn and the surrounding area. And it is especially young adolescents who make up our target groups.

In order to reach out to these and to highlight the subjects already stated, we link up international projects not only with local cultural and educational establishments but also with a free and independent community. As the former capital, the federal city of Bonn is the perfect jumping-off point for our work because here can be found not only international organisations of significance but also many firmly entrenched cultural institutions whose influence radiates across the country.

The result is that the city connects cultural education with intercultural communication in a really special way. With Bonn operating as our hub, we are able to make our work permeate not only the entire stretch of the Rhineland but also way beyond. We can thus boast that we are a part of the Goethe-Institut network at home and abroad.