The Centre for international Cultural Education in Dresden


The Centre for international Cultural Education in Dresden offers the possibility of planning and holding events, conferences and seminars in Dresden and Saxony in collaboration with cooperation partners. Our work revolves around projects (for respect and tolerance and) against racism and anti-Semitism.

With the help of the Goethe-Institute’s international network at home and abroad, we strive to further sustainable cooperation and synergies with local and international project partners and with all kinds of creative artists. We enable encounters, exchanges and understanding. We can be effective and make our work filter through not only to the large cities but also to the rural tracts of Saxony. And what is more, we support local educational institutions and creative artists in their own endeavours to promote the concept of democracy and to forge links nationwide.

Contact in Dresden

Claudia Gräfe
Project Leader Cultural Education
Tel.: +49 351 80011-17

Anja Epperlein
Project Coordinator Cultural Education
Tel.: +49 351 80011-11