German Refresher

German Refresher

Would you like to further your knowledge of certain topics at your language level or fill small gaps in your knowledge? Then our one-week German Refresher course at level B1, B2 or C1 is perfect for you!
The special thing about this course is that the content is directed at the needs and interests of those participating. This means you can work on your weaknesses in a targeted way and are then well equipped for your next linguistic challenge!

  • Consolidate and further knowledge
  • Program tailored to the group
  • Focus on speaking and grammar
  • Short and concise

At a glance

  • Course duration: 5 course days
  • Total scope: 25 lessons (each 45 mins.) in a week
  • Procedure: Monday to Friday, 5 lessons a day on-site at your Goethe-Institut
  • Levels: B1, B2, C1
  • Maximum number of participants: 16
  • Course fee: EUR 449

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How does the German Refresher course work?
  • First of all, you select the right German Refresher course for your language level and book the course for the date you would like. If you are unsure which course is the right one for you, select the same level as your previous German course.
  • If you would like to, alongside your German Refresher eine Unterkunft in einem unserer Gästehäuser, Partnerhotels oder bei einem*r privaten Gastgeber*in buchen.
  • The courses always start on Mondays and end on Fridays. This means you can conveniently arrive on the Sunday and depart on the Saturday.
  • Our tip: The German Refresher course is also perfectly suited to bridge the time between two intensive courses.

Levels offered

Levels ©    Levels
Dr Dmitri Kletschko

The German Refresher course is perfect for repeating what you have learnt and gaining more confidence in the language before moving up to the next level.

Dr Dmitri Kletschko, Head of Language Courses and Examinations, Munich Goethe-Institut

What does the German Refresher course contain?
  • The German Refresher course does not follow a structure defined beforehand. The teacher tailors it to the needs and interests of the participants, and compiles a course programme in line with these at the applicable level for the class.
  • In this course, the focus is on spoken interaction: in different situations, you repeatedly practice communicating fluently. You also expand on important linguistic structures at your language level.
  • Depending on the level, possible topics that may be dealt with in the German Refresher course may be, for example, education and career, shopping, travel, media, nature and the environment as well as other cultures.

The core elements

Further knowledge

Further knowledge

Talk to one another

Talk to one another

Consolidate grammar

Consolidate grammar

When is the German Refresher course particularly suitable?

Changing the language

When switching language schools

Have you learned German at another language course provider, but now would like to take a course with us at the Goethe-Institut? The German Refresher course is ideal as preparation for your intensive or evening course. In this way, you can be sure that you will get along well with the Goethe German courses!

Catching up

When wanting to catch up

Have you already taken a German course at the Goethe-Institut, but are now unsure whether you would be able to take the next level? The German Refresher course is perfect for deepening your German skills and repeating difficult things in a targeted manner!

Freshen up

When wanting a refresh

Do you already have knowledge of German, but have not spoken it for a long time, perhaps because you communicate mostly in English at your work? To refresh your German and get back into the language, the German Refresher course is the right choice!

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