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Sisi und ich Titelbild© DCM-Bernd Spauke

German Film Forum: In and Outside
Sisi & I

Germany, Switzerland, Austria / 2023 / 132’

Best Director, Bavarian Film Awards
Best Costume Design, German Film Awards


After a sadistic hiring process, Empress Elisabeth takes Countess Irma as her new lady-in-waiting and they spend an idyllic summer on Corfu. But every summer must end, and when they return to Vienna, their lives change drastically. In her wild reinterpretation of the oft-told ‘Sisi’ myth, director Frauke Finsterwalder transports us to a world with women at its centre—their powerful and complex relationships and, ultimately, the power relations to which they are inevitably subject.

Director: Frauke Finsterwalder

Regie Frauke Finsterwalder Foto © ck Frauke Finsterwalder was born in Hamburg in 1975. After studying Literature and History in Berlin, she worked at various theatres including the Volksbühne on Rosa Luxemburg Platz and later as a journalist. She then studied Film Directing at HFF Munich. Finsterwalder has also lived in Kenya, Italy, California, India and Switzerland. Her debut feature film Finsterworld received numerous international awards.

Selected director’s filmography:
2023 Sisi & I (Sisi & Ich)
2013 Finsterworld
2010 Die Große Pyramide (Doc)
2007 Weil der Mensch ein Mensch ist (Doc)
2006 0.003 km (Short)

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