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Sea of Solitude by Jo-Mei Games

  • Sea of Solitude B1 © Jo-Mei Games
  • Sea of Solitude B2 © Jo-Mei Games

Sea of Solitude is about this main character, a young woman named Kay, suffering from such loneliness that her inner feelings — darkness, anger, worthlessness, hopelessness — emerges outside her and she becomes a monster. The game is about finding out why this happened to her and how to turn her back into a human.

More on Sea of Solitudehttp://seaofsolitude.com/

About Cornelia Geppert

Cornelia Geppert Portrait © Cornelia Geppert Cornelia Geppert is the creative head of Jo-Mei Games and responsible for all artistic aspects of the production. In addition she is in charge of the company development and PR. She started working as an illustrator and character designer for the renown comic series "Mosaik" when she was 17 at the biggest German comic publisher "Steinchen für Steinchen Verlag".

In 2001 she was hired by the french cartoon production house 'Marathon" for it’s cartoon "Mission Odyssey" as Character Designer and Character Sheets creator. She completed the first given out scholarship for game design at the Games Academy Berlin and joined full-time the production of "Paraworld" by "Spieleentwicklungskombinat GmbH". 

She was working as a concept, character and level artist in this global published production. There she met Boris Munser with whom she started to work freelance after the production and created together successful game concepts for valuable customers like Ubisoft and BMW. 

In course of that they founded together Jo-Mei Games in November 2009. Cornelia has been widely successful with her latest project, Sea of Solitude, which she not only wrote but she also is the Game Designer and Art Director. The industry giant Electronic Arts published it. She had been interviewed by several renowned newspapers like the New York Times, LA Times, Variety and more.

Her TED Talk went online and has over 2 million views already.