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14F, Goethe-Gallery

We are specialized in strategic planning, collection and sustainable manufacturing.
Sustainable production should be aesthetic as well as practical, in which we combine forms, materials & context in designs. Serving as the pioneer in sustainability creation, OOObject has begun to develop objects made with wastes through reuse, recycle and regenerate. Worthlessness is reborn in form of refine and harmonious ideas, diverting us into a new picture of green-design.

Our clients come from: Fashion, Retails, Aviation, Finance/ Banking, Government and NGO etc.. We are proud of the diversity of clients and solutions we have been able to provide.

We extended the ideas for interior spaces, retail thinking and social events. Also working on the possibility of garment go green now.

We are working with: WWF, Friends of the Earth, Food Angels, Fair Tastes, HKCSS, PolyU, HKU, Pacific Coffee, Exception, Muji, JP Morgan, Swire, New World, Taikoo, Hysan, Mandarin Oriental, Panasonic, , Merci, Hugo Boss, American Express, LVMH, HeyTea………

Designer: C.L. Lam and his team
Contact: Denise Ng
Email: denise@ganda.org
Web site: www.ooobject.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ooobject