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Concept of Lumbung

Lumbung in Bahasa Indonesia refers to the rice barn in which the harvest is stored by all the villagers to be shared later, for the common benefit of the village community. Through documenta 15 in 2022, curated by the Indonesian artist collective Ruangrupa, Lumbung took on a programmatic meaning: for an artistic practice of sharing - in this case: sharing artistic experiences and skills, insights and reflections - and collective learning. Artist collectives from all over the world were invited to Kassel to exchange ideas about this principle.


The Goethe-Institut would like to build on this principle. Under the title "Lumbung@Goethe" we would like to make our gallery and black box studio available for projects that realize the Lumbung idea of sharing and collective learning in artistic practice and enable active, sustainable participation.

Goethe-Gallery: 143 m²
Black Box Studio: 47 m²


Who can apply

Artists and artist groups are invited to submit project proposals.


The duration is flexible: it can range from two days to several weeks. The shortest duration of a project could be two consecutive evening events, the longest an exhibition with accompanying program or an interactive performance or concert that is rehearsed and then performed at our venue.


Lumbung@Goethe is open to all genres and interdisciplinary projects.

The condition in each case is: it must contain an element of sharing and collective learning, an active involvement of the audience.

The Goethe-Institut selects the projects, provides the space including equipment and also supports the project with technical assistance as well as advertising on our channels. Production costs such as artists' fees can unfortunately not be paid.

The projects should be realized in the period between February and November 2024. When applying, please indicate the desired time period for your project.


Deadline for submitting project proposals: October 15, 2023.

How to apply

Please send your proposal as a pdf to with Lumbung@Goethe in the subject line.