Exhibition Collective Failure

Collective Failure_exhibition © Goethe-Institut Hongkong

15.10. - 05.11.2022
Opening Hours:
11am - 8pm (Mon)
10am - 8pm (Tue - Fri)
9:30am - 6pm (Sat)
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Goethe-Gallery & Black Box Studio

May Fung and Tang Kwok Hin

Join our highlight programme conducted by artist Tang Kwok-hin on the last day of the exhibition on November 5, 2022 (Sat)! More information here: 10-Year Guided Tour: Re-visiting the Imagined and Real Associations in the Past Collaborative Projects by Tang Kwok-hin. Conducted in Cantonese.

Goethe-Institut Hongkong is pleased to have supported Hong Kong artists May Fung and Tang Kwok-hin in their research trips to Kassel, to experience the "Lumbung" concept of documenta 15. What have May Fung and Tang Kwok-hin got upon their return from Kassel's documenta 15? Could there be more frustration and skepticism? In doubting and caring about the restriction and approach of documenta 15, how do we look at the glory and the loss of art?

As a follow-up programme of their research trips, May Fung and Tang Kwok-hin will present an exhibition at the Goethe-Gallery and the Black Box Studio from October 15 to November 5, 2022.

May Fung creates a conceptual object-painting installation to contrast a realistic collage installation of photographic images and texts she collected inside and outside documenta 15. The two installations gaze at each other letting the audience interpret and imagine by themselves. Ultimately we may ask: how do art clusters sustain development of art in different times and spaces?

Based on his observation of documenta 15, Tang Kwok-hin creates his art work to examine the extent of his involvement and variation of roles he adopts in groups. In this exhibition, audience will see his past works that involved others, and there is one being developed. The exhibition space will be so decorated that it allows organic transformation of the space into a temporarily multi-purpose territory. During the exhibition period, how many things will happen here? What will happen? Perhaps for this time a single visit to the exhibition may not be enough?

Two talks on "Collective Dilemmas" and "Harvesting from documenta fifteen" co-presented by Asia Art Archive (AAA) and Goethe-Institut Hongkong will be held on October 15 in conjuction with The Collective School at AAA. Programme Details and registration: Talk: Collective School x Collective Failure - Goethe-Institut Hongkong​.​​​​​​


   © May Fung May Fung is one of Hong Kong’s pioneering media artists and an independent art & culture worker. In 1985, together with Ellen Pau,  May Fung co-founded Videotage, the most important local artist collective to promote video and new media art. As one of the leading figures in the Hong Kong art community, she has also coordinated/curated several important exhibitions. Around 2002, May Fung was invited to convert part of Foo Tak building into a “vertical artist village”. In 2015, Foo Tak’s owner decided to donate all of her units to Arts and Cultural Outreach (ACO), an organization founded by Fung.


Tang Kwok-hin is a mixed media artist.  Born and raised in Hong Kong, he received his Master of Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2008. Tang’s artistic practice originates in his inquiries into his own background as an indigenous inhabitant. Through observing the surroundings, he introspects himself and the others, reality and imagination, anyone and anything between the old and new, thereby applying objects, installations, moving images, performances, collages as a comprehensive approach to reveal emotions, thoughts and essences deep down at particular moments among chaos.