Guilt - Dive into the World of the German Author Ferdinand von Schirach

EU BOOK CLUB © Goethe-Institut Hongkong

Sat, 19.11.2022

14:00 - 17:30

Black Box Studio

EU BOOK CLUB - An Encounter of Literature & Film

EU Book Club is the first literary collaboration between three European countries combining literature and film from Italy, Germany and France. After the first Italian encounter in October with Amara Lakhous' "Clash of Civilizations over an Elevator in Piazza Vittorio", we are happy to present "The Collini Case" by Ferdinand von Schirach in November.

“The Collini Case” was a bestseller by Ferdinand von Schirach published in 2011. The book combines the classic courtroom procedural with modern European history in a legal thriller. It was adapted into a film by Marco Kreuzpaintner in 2019.

Two guest speakers, Uncle Salt and Roger from Corrupt the Youth, will discuss and explore the topic of “Guilt”, which is a recurring theme in Ferdinand von Schirach’s works, after viewing the film together with the audience.

Guilt - Dive into the World of the German Author Ferdinand von Schirach
Date: 19.11.2022 (Sat)
Time: 2pm - 5:30pm
Venue: Black Box Studio, Goethe-Institut Hongkong
Guest Speakers: Uncle Salt, Roger (Corrupt the Youth)
Admission Fee: HK$50

The Book:

The Collini Case Fabrizio Collini is a hard working, quiet and respectable man. Until the day he visits one of Berlin's most luxurious hotels and kills an innocent man in cold blood...

A bestseller in Germany since its 2011 release, THE COLLINI CASE combines the classic courtroom procedural with modern European history in a legal thriller. The book was made into a film by Marco Kreuzpaintner in 2019.

The Author:

Ferdinand von Schirach Ferdinand von Schirach is a German writer and lawyer. Der Spiegel called him a "great storyteller", the New York TImes an "extraordinary stylist", the Independent compared him to Kafka and Kleist, the Daily Telegraph named him "one of the most distinctive voices in European literature".The collections of stories »Crime«, »Guilt« and »Punishment« as well as the novels »Der Fall Collini« and »Tabu« are international bestsellers that have sold millions of times. Ferdinand von Schirach has received many literary prizes. He lives in Berlin.

The Film:

The Collini Case Film Director: Marco Kreuzpainter
Year: 2019, Duration: 123 mins
German with Chinese and English subtitles

Based on the international bestseller by Ferdinand von Schirach, The Collini Case is a taut courtroom drama where the sins of the past must be laid bare before they can be forgiven.

The Guest Speakers:

uncle Salt © uncle Salt Yeung Chun-Yin (Uncle Salt) - "Philosophy Night" TV Programme Host, Co-founder of Corrupt the Youth. Yeung Chun-Yin, nicknamed "Uncle Salt" in Cantonese, graduated from Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Hong nKong and Department of Philosophy, the Chinese University of Hong Kong; and further studied a PhD Programme in Humboldt University of Berlin and King's College London. In 2016, Uncle Salt and his comrades established "Corrupt the Youth" and hosted a series of TV talk show "Philosophy Night" on RTHK 31, which aim to introduce philosophy to the general public. He is now teaching philosophy and critical thinking courses in various tertiary institutions in Hong Kong.

Roger_Corrupt the Youth Dr Lee King Hang Roger, received his Bachelor of Arts, and Master and Doctor of Philosophy from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has joined Caritas Higher Institute of Education (CIHE) as full time staff since 2013, teaching courses of various subjects in philosophy including critical thinking, logic, ethics, history of philosophy, Confucianism, Taoism, philosophy of language, hermeneutic, etc.. During the period from 2017-2019, Roger was the Associate Dean of the School of Humanities and Languages of CIHE, responsible mainly for overseeing the operation of the School and program development.

In recent years, seeing the general need and quest for meaning, directions and, above of all, ways of understanding one’s self, the society and the world in this turbulent time, Roger has been active in and committed to popularizing philosophy among the general public.  He was one of the hosts of the popular TV series Philosophy Night produced by RTHK. He also delivers talks and seminars upon invitation by various institutes, including universities and colleges, secondary schools, The Central Library, independent bookstores, artist groups, charity organizations, etc..  He also has articles published regularly on local media, including Ming Pao, on topics varying from philosophy, art, music, literature, theatre and films.