HKWALLS 2023 Street Art Festival EU Street Art meets Hong Kong

   © Jérome Gerull Photographie

18. - 26.3.2023
Central & Western District, Hongkong

Innerfields from Berlin as guest at HKWALLS

The HKWALLS Festival is back March 18 - 26, 2023! All across Central & Western District, artists will be transforming ordinary walls into original works of art, and for the first time since 2019, international artists from all over the world will be joining the line-up!

Goethe-Institut Hongkong is pleased to support the participation of the German art collective Innerfields at the HKWALLS Festival!

Innerfields are the artists Jakob Tory Bardou and Holger Weißflog. Born and based in Berlin, they have been growing up with graffiti and various influences; they formed as a group in 1998. The artists like to reflect their environment and create mostly figurative motives in a realistic manner, that are mixed with graphical elements and symbols. The human being, bound to being part of the nature and all too often opposed to it, is a major topic in their body of work. They are creating works of art as a profession and love taking part in festivals and various art related projects around the world.

Together with Innerfields, artists from the Czech Republic, France and Italy will also participate in HKWALLS as part of the EUNIC project "EU Street Art meets Hong Kong". This European cooperation project, complemented by a hip-hop performance by the French duo Inneficient and a special evening of European street art, is supported by the EUNIC Cluster Fund and the EU Office Hong Kong and Macao.