Tunggul Banjaransari - Mechanical Ghost
5 Islands / 5 Villages

Tunggul Banjaransari © © Tunggul Banjaransari Tunggul Banjaransari © Tunggul Banjaransari


The mass media portrays Germany as a country with the glamour of political figures, sports icons and territorial order. However, this is not entirely accurate, at least not in some areas outside of Germany’s metropolitan cities. One of them is Welzow, a small village in the eastern part of Germany, which is surrounded by private mining companies. The life of the community is grey; some of them seem to accept it, while others have the ambition to fight it. Due to the small population, they have to watch their attitude towards each other to avoid aggravating the problem that could trigger an open division between them. Their socializing becomes fake. Based on this initial situation and without wanting to put injustice into the focus of the viewers’ attention, this film chooses to show the happiness of the people in Welzow. They have experienced personal happiness in the past, and they still have enough imagination to think about the happiness that will await them in the future.

Year: 2017
Length: 18 Minuten
Langauge: German



Tunggul Banjaransari was born in Solo, holds a KTP (ID card) from Gunung Kidul and works in Semarang. If there is an opportunity, he makes a film. In the meantime, to be able to financially support himself, he works as a lecturer and researcher.