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Open Data Innovation Week

Open Data Innovation Week

Over the past few years, open data has seen significant progress in Indonesia and across Southeast Asia, with more governments opening data for public perusal and consumption and civil society becoming knowledgeable about and engaging with the data. Moreover, there’s been a large growth in initiatives, events and organisations focused on advocating for and experimenting with open data to foster a more open, responsive and inclusive government. Arm-in-arm with this, there’s also an increasing number of complex public policy challenges being tackled by new forms of data-driven approaches and tools.

To contribute to this progress, we organized Open Data Innovation Week—an event that took place in Jakarta from the 22nd to the 25th of November 2016. Through this, we brought together cross-sectoral, multicultural communities to share, discuss and build a toolbox of methods and tools for improving the design, practice and implementation of open data projects.

The event contributed to fostering a ‘culture of data’ in the region by connecting actors active in the tech and data space. Together with this diverse group of experts from across the Southeast Asia region, we  jointly explored and developed the frameworks, methods and tools, as well as strategies and tactics, that can be applied to improve the ways open data is put to use to realise sustainable impact. We coupled this with strengthening the capacity of organisations and individuals to apply them, ensuring that the tools are not only practical and useful, but also largely contributed to and inspired the work of the participating organisations, others working in the space, and all citizens, governments and civil society organisations keen on embarking on open data.