Feature film / Drama, Biography
Fritz Lang

Fritz Lang
Photo (detail): © BelleEpoqueFilmsGmb

104 Min. | Germany 2016
Focus: Contemporary Black and White
Director: Gordian Maugg | Cast: Heino Ferch, Samuel Finzi, Lisa Charlotte Friedrich, Johanna Gastdorf | Language: German, with English subtitles

Germany, 1930. Director Fritz Lang has created masterpieces of silent film with the “Nibelungen” films and “Metropolis”. Now he wants to shoot his first sound film and is looking for a suitable story. This time, in contrast to his silent films, Lang wants to tell a realistic, contemporary story. He travels from Berlin to Düsseldorf to be inspired by the investigations of renowned chief inspector Gennat, who is investigating the case of the infamous serial killer Peter Kürten, also known as the “Vampire of Düsseldorf”. From this case, Lang gradually conceives the story that later becomes his masterpiece “M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder”. While working on the film, the director is confronted with the abysses of his own soul.

A stirring drama in impressive black and white that impressively interweaves historical facts and fictions around an important piece of film history.

The movie's fantastic black-and-white imagery and strong cast make it worthwhile.

Deutsche Welle/Jochen Kürten


04.10.2019 | 9 PM | GoetheHaus


Hessian Film- and Cinema Award 2016:
Best Film

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