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Illustration:  Fröhliche Lernende greifen nach Büchern, Sprechblasen und einer Deutschlandkarte, die durch die Luft fliegen.
  • various topics
  • grammar, literature,
  • learn in a small group or individually

Please note

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation we have changed our language courses. All courses will be held online until further notice.

Our course offer

A young woman smiles into the camera. An open-plan office can be seen in the background.

Company courses or small group courses

You want to bring your team's language skills up to par? Or are you looking for a course for a small group of people who all aim for the same goal? We can custom-build a course tailored to your specific needs.
Learner in a video conference, taking notes. The tutor can be seen on the screen, standing in front of a whiteboard.

Individual Course

For your very own personal need - 100% online for now.

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