Concepts and Materials

Concepts and Materials Photo: Goethe-Institut/Sonja Tobias

German for work or studies

Teaching and learning material from the areas of business, tourism, technology, and social and medical occupations.

German for children

Courses for GFL learners aged 4-10 and for those wishing to support children in their GFL learning in a way that is fun and in line with the latest methodological and didactical findings.

German for young people

Young people have a very specific way of learning which differs in many respects from the way in which adults and children learn.

Further materials

Ordering Teaching Materials

The following teaching material can be ordered from the Goethe-Institut Irland.  Please send your order by e-mail

The recommended reading for young people and the suggested reading for level C can be found in the library.

"Jugend 2.0." (2019) free download
"Europa" (2017) free download
"Feste in Deutschland" (2016)
Materialband (PDF, 5MB)
free download
Unterrichtspaket Flucht (PDF, 2031 KB) (2016) free download
Maxim Biller: Liebe Heute (830 G Bil)
27 Short Stories über die Liebe. Alle Protagonisten suchen nach der großen Liebe, empfinden sehr viel, wenn sie sich verlieben, aber leider nicht für lange Zeit.

Heinrich Böll: Was soll aus dem Jungen bloß werden? Oder: Irgendwas mit Büchern (830 Boe)
Heinrich Böll erinnert sich an seine Jugend, an das Ende seiner Schulzeit und die immer drängender werdende Frage nach der Berufswahl. 

Sandra Gugic: Astronauten (830 Gug)
Wie Astronauten, nur über ein dünnes inneres Kabel verbunden mit dem Mutterschiff Erde, bewegen sie sich einen Sommer lang durch ihre Stadt: die Schulfreunde Darko und Zeno, das Mädchen Mara, der Taxifahrer und heimliche Schriftsteller Alen, sein Freund, der Polizist Niko, und der Kleinkriminelle Alex, ein Sohn aus gutem Haus, der von seiner Drogensucht loszukommen versucht. Sehnsüchtig nach Wärme und Nähe begegnen sie einander und verstricken sich doch immer wieder in ihre Geheimnisse, ihre kleinen und größeren Lügen: Es ist ein Sommer der Begegnung mit sich selbst und den anderen, ein Sommer der Liebe und des Verlierens, eine Zeit allmählichen Erkennens. Sechs sehr unterschiedliche Menschen erzählen im Debütroman von Sandra Gugić von sich selbst, und allmählich enthüllt sich, wie ihre Wege sich überschneiden, wie sie Vertrauen fassen, es enttäuschen und doch aneinander hängen – wie sie ihre Maßnahmen gegen die Kälte der Welt treffen.

Martin Suter: Allmen und die Libellen (830 G Sut)
Allmen, eleganter Lebemann und Feingeist, ist über die Jahre finanziell in die Bredouille geraten. Fünf zauberhafte Jugendstil-Schalen bringen ihn und sein Faktotum Carlos auf eine Geschäftsidee: eine Firma für die Wiederbeschaffung von schönen Dingen. Die Geburt eines ungewöhnlichen Ermittlerduos und der Start einer neuen Krimiserie. Rezensionsnotiz zu Frankfurter Rundschau, 08.01.2011.Eine "Hommage an den Serienkrimi " sieht Rezensentin Sylvia Staude in Martin Suters Kriminalroman "Allmen und die Libellen", selber Auftakt einer neuen Krimiserie. Suters Ermittlerduo - ein Dandy namens J. F. v. Allmen, weltgewandt, stilvoll, aber oft pleite, und sein Begleiter, das Faktotum Carlos - scheint ihr entzückend. 

Maren Wurster: Das Fell (830 Wur)
Vic freut sich auf die Reise mit Karl, ein paar Tage raus aus der Stadt, nur sie beide. Doch dann fährt Karl mit seiner Ex-Freundin und der gemeinsamen Tochter an die Ostsee und reagiert nicht auf Vics Nachrichten. Das erträgt sie nicht. Sie steigt aufs Fahrrad und fährt los. Ihm nach? Zunächst entlang von Kanälen, Seen, durch Wälder. Eine Übernachtung auf einem Campingplatz, eine Begegnung, zwischendurch der Blick aufs Telefon und weiter durch eine Landschaft, die immer fremder wird. "Das Fell" ist die Geschichte einer Kränkung und einer Verwandlung: Etwas verändert sich in Vic, etwas Unheimliches kommt zum Vorschein. Und ganz oben in ihrem Rucksack liegt ein Stein.
Tanz mit Mir

This is a great relevant book for teens that deals with peer pressure and fitting in. Tom is new to school and he’s desperate to fit in with the crowd. But when he goes to a party one night he gets caught up in drugs and drink that leads to a terrible accident of one of his classmates.

Why I would recommend this book       
It’s a great book that shows the consequences of substance abuse and peer pressure

Why I wouldn’t recommend this book
For readers who aren’t fluent German speakers the story can become quite confusing.

Score: 6/10 

Yildiz heißt Stern

Yildiz is a young Turkish girl. Born is Germany Yildiz and her family own a small vegetable shop. Yildiz faces many conflicts in the book such as the rise of the Neo Nazis that target her family with vicious hate crimes and her religious challenges.

Why I would recommend this book
The story deals with topical issues such as the role of women in Islamic countries and the rise of the Neo Nazis in Europe. Which I found educational.

Why I wouldn’t recommend the book
The level of German used was difficult.

Score: 8/10 

Eine Liebesgeschichte

Jenny is a 30 year old actor. Her birthday is fast approaching. Deszö is her colleague that is doing everything in his power to impress her. When Jenny invites Deszö to come to her party Deszö hopes he can win Jenny’s heart so the pair can finally play the perfect couple off stage.

Why I would recommend this book.
This book comes with added activities after each chapter to improve your German vocabulary and the story is also an easy read.

Why I wouldn’t recommend this book
The story is very short so if you are looking for a long romantic love story this may not be for you.

Score: 5/10


Eva is a 15 year old girl with body issues. Her parents are really strict on sweets and chocolate. Eva eats to cope with disappointment and that’s why she carries weight. Eva feels isolated and alone until she meets Michel and learns to love herself for who she is.

Why I would recommend this book
The story has some useful life lessons for teens about growing up and it’s a very good story.

Why I wouldn’t recommend this book,
The story is more suited for pre-teens because the story isn’t very advanced.

Score 7/10
I read three books of level A1 from the easy readers section. They were all written by the same author and with slightly related themes. I really like the way that the author uses similar vocabulary in each of the stories so as that when reading them all in succession, you can get a better understanding of the story, and get used to the different phrases that are used.

Spannende Tour im Schwarzwald by Andrea Maria Wagner

This short book is about two young boys who decide to go on a cycling trip together through a forest. They meet a girl along the way and when a suspicious jeep drives out of the forest, they decide to investigate and are shocked by what they find.
I found this book really good for someone who is still a beginner with learning German. Although the story wasn‘t the most exciting, I found that the vocabulary that the author used was language that I am familiar with and that I could easily understand.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is at a beginner stage of learning German and wants to improve their understanding of the language.
Unheimliches im Wald by Andrea Maria Wagner

This book is about a boy and girl who get separated from their class whilst in a dark forest when a storm starts. They are forced to hide out up a tree and wait to be found by their teachers because there are dangers lurking below them.

I would recommed this book to people who are at the early stages of learning the language but who have read different stories before beacuse I found that the language in this book, although similar to  the last, was slightly more difficult.
Abenteuer im Schnee by Andrea Maria Wagner

A brother and sister go on a ski trip to Ruhpolding where they meet another boy. One day, whilst on the slopes, there is an avalanche and the three are separated, whilst the brother makes it back safely to the hotel, the  other two are stuck out in a snowstorm, trying to find shelter.
This book was quite entertaining and was easy to understand. I like the way that the author used simple vocabulary and common phrases so as that the reader could apprehend the storyline.
I would recommend this book to transition year students who are still learning German and who want to improve their ability to understand the language.
Das schnelle Glück

The book is about 5 friends, who with great anticipation and greed for fast money buy a lottery ticket. The next day they see their numbers in the newspapers and hope for the millions they might get. But when the lottery ticket is nowhere to be found and they discover that they also do not win a large, the idea of the fast money disappears.
In my opinion it is a very good book to get closer to the German language, as it is simple in vocabulary and context.
Der Einbruch

The book is about how a charming, well-dressed man steals from several people. First, he leaves his Aston Martin be repaired in a workshop. After that, he wants to buy a picture, both things he wanted  to pay for by bank transfer. But this does not happen, as he breaks into the gallery steals the picture, drives his car of the workshop, and makes his get-away.
The book is for those who already have some advanced German skills, as there are a lot of difficult vocabulary and loan words. I could understand the context well, because the book is written in an interesting style and with sentences which are easy to understand.
Leise kommt der Tod

The book is about a sudden death that brings two detectives from Cologne to Salzburg, because as the man had life insurance, they must investiage whether or not it was a natural death. During the investigation it even comes to the near-death of the one detectives.
I liked the book very much because it is exciting and understandable. The book uses a lot of not too simple vocabulary, so I recommend it to advanced learners of German who like to read thrillers or a similar genre.