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UCD German Society - Sprachlabor workshop Illustration (detail): © UCD German Society

Tue, 26.10.2021

5:00 PM

UCD Student Centre

UCD German Society - Sprachlabor workshop

We will be hosting a Sprachlabor workshop with Fiona Maier (DAAD Sprachassistentin) where she will teach participants how the German language works, how to create new words etc. Participants will then be put into groups to creatively invent new words for 5 different categories.

The categories are:
1. New Invention
2. Feeling for which there is no word
3. Word to describe a new sport
4. New genre of Art
5. New saying (Redewendung)

For individual advice please contact Wilné Britz:

We look forward to hearing from you!