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Podcasts Berlinale

Industry insights – the EFM podcast

EFM Podcast © Goethe-Institut, EFM The podcast Industry insights – the EFM podcast deals with current trends and developments in the global film industry. It spotlights key topics such as the boom in docuseries and the issue of power relations in global film production. As the first major annual international gathering of the global film industry, the European Film Market is a central platform and a significant pulse gauge for the international film industry. Producers, rights dealers and curators meet here and share views on the new trends of the year. The monthly episodes of Industry Insights offer insider views and background information on current debates, analyses of the challenges facing the film industry and new perspectives on topics such as diversity, sustainability, digitalisation and community building.

Podcast EFM


Berlinale’s house of talents

Podcast Berlinale Talents © Goethe-Institut, Berlinale Talents The podcast Berlinale’s house of talents presents selected perspectives from acclaimed filmmakers as well as international participants of the Berlinale Talents on a monthly basis: this is one of the world's key forums for international up-and-coming filmmakers and an immensely important platform for networking and qualifying young talents. Here they have the opportunity to interact with experienced film industry leaders and to engage intensively with the medium of film. The House of talents podcast picks up on this atmosphere and offers insights into worldwide production conditions, artistic creative processes and personal lives of filmmakers from around the world.

The first episode features a conversation between Brazilian director, screenwriter and festival director Kleber Mendonça Filho and the head of the Berlinale World Cinema Fund, Vincenzo Bugno. The actors behind the realisation of the visions of American filmmaker Wes Anderson have their say, and it is about various forms of collaboration between different trades.

Podcast Berlinale Talents


The episodes of the two English-language podcasts are available on the usual podcast portals. For integration into social media channels or the country portals of interested Goethe-Instituts abroad, please contact  Petra Roggel and Georg Milz.