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Pop-up Creative Room Design© Goethe-Institut/Lucid Creative

Pop Up Creative Room

Increased use of digital media provides a chance for libraries as learning and meeting points, giving visitors the opportunity to acquire knowledge, learn new techniques and exchange ideas. Libraries also have the task of encouraging the use of digital techniques creatively. Pop Up Creative Room offers space to flexibly engage in new content and learning of new skills.
The libraries of Max Mueller Bhavan / Goethe-Institut India offer workshops on digital techniques as part of Pop Up Creative Room e.g. Film making, podcasts (music or word), digital drawing, creative use of augmented reality, composing/mixing software, digitizing to enhance creativity in order to learn and exchange new techniques in Digital media and tools.


Designing/3D Printing Goethe-Institut/Lucid Creative

Designing/3D Printing

Create 2D and 3D drawings using computer-aided design software. This aids participants to not only create designs, but also modify, analyze, or optimize designs suiting to their requirements.
Moreover, watch your 3D designs being converted to real-life models using 3D printers.

Video Production © Goethe-Institut/Lucid Creative

Video Production

Convert your smartphones into video production units to create training videos, live broadcasts, interviews, documentaries etc.  
Start as an amateur filmmaker and learn to shoot professional quality videos by the end of the day!

Electronics with Art and Music

Invent joyful electronic devices inspired by art, music and creativity.
Develop an understanding of the basics of circuits, motors, and motion while at the same time use creativity and collaboration skills to iterate through the design process and create your own unique solution.

Interactive Paintings

Communicate with interactive paintings using light and sound with the help of conductive paints.
Design different touch points on the paintings to interact with the viewer.


Ebru, also known as paper marbling, is the Turkish tradition of painting on water which creates beautiful designs that looks just like marble.
Learn and experience the secrets of creating rich patterns of handmade marbled paper.

Makerspaces in Libraries