Children's book “Maja the Bee” in Hindi

Maja the bee Cover Hindi
Maja the bee Cover Hindi | Photo: © A&A Book Trust

One book, three readers and three impressions. Indian students present the German classics by Waldemar Bonsels at the Goethe-Institut New Delhi/Max Mueller Bhavan.

The Adventures of Maya the Bee, written in 1912 by Waldemar Bonsels, continues to enjoy tremendous popularity among both children and adults. Bonsels narrates the story of a small and curious bee who discovers the beauty of nature, survives danger, and makes friends for life.
Maja does not like her life as a honey bee and so she leaves her hive to discover the world. She encounters dung beetles and grasshoppers, talks to butterflies and holds discussions with daddy longlegs. She gets to know the traits of the different animals and learns a great deal about people, which arouses her curiousity. Held captive by the hornets she hears about an attack to divide her people. With courage and cunning, Maya manages to escape, saves her people and is appointed royal advisor.

Maya the Bee is a classic of German children’s literature and boasts some of the highest sales among children’s books. Already translated into more than 40 languages worldwide, the book was translated into Hindi by Arundhati Deosthale and published by A&A Book Trust in early 2013.
In India, Maya the Bee was greeted with enthusiasm. Three students from the Nehru World School in Ghanziabad shared their impressions at the Goethe-Institut New Delhi/Max Mueller Bhavan. 

Live every second

Guten Morgen! A thrilling and adventurous book written by Hr Waldemar Bonsels. It is the book for ones who like adventurous stories because this book highlights the character of honey bee Maya. Maya the bee who represents those people who want to look the world from each and every angle and want to quench their thirst of knowledge by jumping out of the four walls of their room. Maya indeed was a bee full of enthusiasm, courage and bravery though she had no idea that how the outer world could be but then too she followed her heart and went there where destiny wanted her to be.
Maya was friendly and joyful in nature, moreover she had immense love for nature. She was mesmerized by the glowing sun and amazed by the blue hue of the pond. Her due respect towards humans and unique mind set and respect towards humans make her different from other bees. Maya wanted to live so, so that her each and every second counts. For Maya her size didn’t matter. Yes. Maya was one in a million.
(Gaurav, Klasse VIII A2)

From Child to Adult

The honey bee Maya gives us a message that being small does not matter, what matters is ones capability. Being brave, courageous and faithful makes our way forward to life. The life of an individual can be clear without any obstacles by being brave and knowing way forward to life. If some of the obstacles come we must handle them bravely like Maya did.

She was also a sympathetic bee. We must love nature like Maya. She was caring, loving and friendly bee and was a family bonded individual. Though she was small but she understood her responsibilities towards her family and friends and was a family oriented individual and had a cherishing attitude.
She was courageous and had a head on attitude. She wanted to save her hive at any cost though she knew that she might be punished for leaving her hive although she had an option to go away saving herself, not getting punished but destroying the hive. But she did not do so, she went back to her hive and told them about the attack and saved them.
I refer this interesting and adventurous book to all because this interesting and adventurous book highlights friendship of Maya with nature. She had heart touching love for her family. We learn from this story that “one should work for cause not applause”. At last this book depicts development of Maya from an adventurous youngster to responsible member of bee society.
(Tureen Gupta, Klasse VIII A1)

Share experiences and wisdom

This story revolves around Maya. Maya is a bee born in a beehive, the hive is dividing itself into two new colonies. Maya is raised by her aunt. Despite of her aunt’s warnings, Maya wants to explore the wide world and commits the unforgivable crime of leaving the hive.
During her adventures, Maya now in exile befriends other insects, braves dangers and many more things. She finds the whole world like a paradise but in the climax of the book Maya is imprisoned by the wasps, the sworn enemies of the bees.
Prisoner of the wasps, Maya learns of a hornet plan to attack her native hive. Maya is faced with a decision to either return to her hive and suffer her due punishment, saving the hive or leaving the plan unannounced, saving herself but destroying the hive. As Maya was very caring she decides to suffer her due punishment and save the hive. As may be expected Maya, after severe pondering makes the decision to return. Maya now a heroine becomes a teacher like her aunt and shares her experiences and wisdom with the future generation of the bees.
(Mahima, Klasse VIII A1)