Meet our Guests Ralf Siedhoff

Ralf Siedhoff
Ralf Siedhoff | © Bosque Magico

Two languages and 2000 kilometres separate their cultures. But this distance melts away in the face of Bosque Magico's musical level. Guitarist and founder Ralf Siedhoff visited Bangalore in August 2018 for a concert.

Ralf Siedhoff

My first impression of India…
This is my fifth trip to India and each time I’m surprised by how fast things change, both positively and negatively. For example, the increasingly chaotic traffic, but better air quality than 18 years ago. In my opinion, it’s a shame that this amazing culture is being whitewashed with so many Western influences. For example, 23 years ago, non-vegetarian meals were hardly imaginable, or at least very rare.  
Things in Bangalore that remind me of my hometown Weimar…
The trees lining the streets and boulevards of Malleswaram remind me a lot of Weimar. Besides that, I can compare little with Germany or Weimar.
One thing I’ve noticed in India (that’s not so typical in Germany)…
People in general are friendlier, more interesting and more open, also with foreigners. I can’t remember encountering any aggression or frustration on my trips there.

An enduring memory of India…
The invitation to play a house concert for the legendary Carnatic music masters, T.A.S. MANI and RAMAMANI. I’ll always remember that, it was an indescribable honor for me.

Ralf Siedhoff, guitarist and one of the musicians in the band Bosque Magico was born in Weimar. After 1988 he specialised in acoustic guitar and started performing with the well-known Edwin Sadowski. During this time, he gained repute as one of the greatest talents of the former GDR (East German) jazz scene. From 1996 to 1997 he worked as musical director of the Thalia Theater in Halle, Germany, mainly composing and producing theatre music,which he continues to do freelance for theatre and film.
In 1997, he founded "The Guitar Duo" with flamenco-guitarist Maunel Delgado and they made two records and played many concerts in Europe, India and Tunisia.
In 2002, he released his own album "worldbeat" and in 2011, he released "Sin Distancia Trio", the album "Soleado"with Manuel Delgado and Ernest Martinez.