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Dr. Harald Henzler

Dr. Harald Henzler
Dr. Harald Henzler | Photo: Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi

My first impression of India…
Everything in one place, the world in a nutshell with all its beauty, its conflicts and contradictions

Things in Kochi und Kalkutta that remind me of my home town Munich…
The different approach concerning waste separation.

Something that caught my attention in India (and that is rather unusual in Germany)…
Keep your head moving and never say no.

A memory of India that will stay…
The Jama Masjid, this wonderful place in architecture and atmosphere, a mosque in hindu India reminding me at the catholic piazza San Marco in Venice.

Dr. Harald Henzler, Founder and Managing Director of smartdigits, Munich: Studied literature and philosophy in Munich, Berlin and Madrid, Work experience at the Carl Hanser Verlag and Haufe-Lexware as Product Manager, Publishing Director and Managing Director. Over fifteen years of experience developing digital services, from databases to applications to portals and e-books. University lecturer at the universities in Munich, Krems (Austria) and Würzburg. Worked in 2012, 2013 and 2015 as a speaker for the Goethe-Institut internationally, e.g. in Hungary, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Peru etc.