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Max Clouth

Max Clouth
Max Clouth | Photo (detail): © Max Clouth

Jazz musician, Max Clouth, presented the album, Return Fight, which he produced in India and Germany together with his band, Max Clouth Clan, on February 28th, 2017 in Chennai.

My first impression of India was …
home at last!

When I’m in Chennai, I’m reminded of my hometown, Frankfurt, when…
we go to Saravanna Bhavan, we go there a lot in Frankfurt.

One thing I’ve noticed in India (that’s not so typical in Germany) …
Unfortunately, women aren’t always treated equally in India. But the people are almost all warm hearted, so I really like that.

An enduring memory of India …
is the amazing food!

Max Clouth, born in Frankfurt/ Main in 1985, studied Jazz guitar at the Musikhochschule Mainz and "Worldmusic" at the C.M. von Weber Musikhochschule Dresden. Subsequently, he learnt with Pt Nayan Ghosh at Sangit Mahabharati Music School Mumbai and Guitar Prasanna at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music. His band Max Clouth Clan creates a new style of music called Indian Jazz Guitar, improvisational music by incorporating techniques of Indian instruments on the Guitar, Bass and Drums, an interesting East-West encounter.