30 Day Sound Diary

By Anna Bogner & Yousef Kawar


We created a 30 day sound diary which connects both our lives during this lockdown period. Through the process we aimed to get to know each other better and with everyday being different, depending on our feelings that day and what we were going through, our diary reflected our lives through our everyday inner and outer sensual experiences. We also created our diary for everyone to experience for themselves individually.
The diary consists of daily audio and video recordings, each 6 seconds long. The audiovisual sequences are sectioned into three parts:
The first ten days of recordings were added together to create an ‘Introduction’ to the diary, made up of 20 short 6-second videos.
The second part is a short 2-minute video, shot in one take and accompanied by an original piece of music / song. This audiovisual piece was created between day 11 and day 20 (during the peak of the 30-day diary).
The third part consists of the remaining 6-second recordings from days 21 to 30 – the ‘Outro’ of the 30-day diary.
We used the cameras of our mobile phones to capture video, whereas for sound we decided to be more flexible in our choices of technical devices. The final result is a 6-minute audiovisual piece.
Through the making of our audiovisual diary we have both been reminded of the potential of sound on image, since it speaks more to the unconscious part in us. The middle part, the ‘Peak’ music / song piece, also stands on its own as an audio file. This is a summary of our work together.

Artists profile

Anna Bogner

Ana Bogner

Born in Franconias Switzerland, Germany Ana Bogner resides now between Leipzig (Germany) and Beirut ( Lebanon). Ana Bogner`s musical content revolves around the theme of imaginary space: poetic realities as a state of human consciousness. She layers spheres, dreams of utopian urban ambience, built on ethereal light-heartedness through wich stories float.


Yousef Kawar

Yousef Kawar

Musician & Videographer/Photographer: Winner of a number of videography and soundtrack awards. Yousef has worked with Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Devin Townsend, Andy Timmons, Larry Mitchell, and  Plini among others. Recently, Johnny Colt featured him in an interview on CNN.