Rawan Risheq

Rawan Risheq

Rawan Roshni is a singer/songwriter, performance artist, sound practitioner, facilitator, festival organiser and Wonders of Whirling instructor. Her base has been in Jordan for the past decade from where she has launched numerous projects that have brought fresh perspectives and innovative approaches in the arts and culture scene. Most recently she wrote, directed, produced and starred in an Audio/Visual piece entitled "Seaheart" and is continuing to expand and experiment by collaborations with music producer and visual artists. 
Instagram @rawanoshni

Klaus Erika Dietl Florian a Betz

Klaus Erika Dietl

Klaus Erika Dietl is a visual artist with a background in literature and film-making. He studied painting and art theory at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. In his paintings, sound installations, video and film projects he samples the elements of our daily media coverage, cuts them up and recombines them with other disparate graphical material. His main research focus is on barriers of language and the essence of misunderstandings. What makes us take off the blinkers and question our own insecurities, reservations and double standards?
Amongst others his short films and music videos were nominated and screened at the International Shortfilm Festival in Oberhausen, Germany. In summer 2017 he finished his first full-length feature The Mouth - Our Ultimate Prison (Das letzte Loch ist der Mund). This film was premiered at the Lenbachhaus in Munich.