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Julius Gilbert & Laila El Taweel

CJ & Ralph

By Julius Gilbert & Laila El Taweel


Two friends, an upcoming problem, the experience of failure, gaining a second chance, failing again, and then the wonderful surprising rescue by someone unknown! 
We illude ourselves that there is some magic moment that will show up to help us. The theme of the script is about "trial and error". We try to reflect with this little film about this aspect of human learning, and the value of friendship in this learning process.
Our characters in the story are named CJ and Ralph. CJ has obviously a strong connection to ET and is desperately looking for his origins. Not finding them makes him skeptical about any adventures and troubles that his friend Ralph could draw him into. Ralph is a young horse pushing its limits. It is a real trouble seeker.

Artists profile

Julius Gilbert

Julius Gilbert

Julius Gilbert met many inspiring artists while assisting to directors and choreographers at the Theater Basel and the Schauspiel Frankfurt like Dave St. Pierre, Juli Reinartz and Johanna Wehner. He studied Directing, Philosophy and Music in Hamburg and Hildesheim and joined lately the lafaktoria Dance-Program in Pamplona, supported by a EU-Scholarship. He co-created a short movie about the history of harbour life, a work for the "Theater der Welt Festival" 2017 in Hamburg. He got invited by the KUGraz 2018/19 to give a Workshop about Key-Questions between Performance and Acting and looks forward to premiere "Me. Laura Palmer" (Working Title) in October 2020 -  at LOFFT - Das Theater Leipzig in Co-Creation with Laura Morales Davila.

Laila El Taweel

Laila El Taweel

​Laila El Taweel, an artist and a visual creator who believes that art is the way to communicate and the key to making movements, delivering ideas, messages, and inspirations. She works with many local and global organizations in building their visual brands, identities, and vibes. Laila is an active artist where she works as a curator in many art expos and she consistently participates with visual and interactive artworks in how we communicate with ourselves, how we communicate with others, and how we communicate with the environment around us.