Concert Orange Mango & Kei Watanabe

Orange Mango x Kei Watanabe © Goethe-Institut

Wednesday, 08.03.2023 at 8 PM

Goethe-Institut Colombo

Join us for an atmospheric sound experience by berlin-based Sri Lankan sound artist Kei Watanabe in the hall, followed by a juicy live show by Orange Mango in the courtyard on Wednesday, 8 March 2023 at 8 PM

Kei Watanabe is a Sri Lankan - Japanese improvisational sound artist based in Berlin. Kei performs ghostly mystifying and electrifying improvisations of found instruments, shuffling loops and odd occurences. A minimal and wonderful combination of voice, bells, stringed instruments and electric hums.  (Rowan Coupland)

Orange Mango is a (adjective 1 and 2) and sound-focused act based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. "We believe in leaving behind the boundaries of traditional music performance and breaking the routines, because I is the Orange that tastes the mango, you is the mango that’s filled with pulp, we serve ties to not be held back by our loved ones, to create what does not exist yet, we are the concussions of your piss mixed with your grandma's dream, the elephant in the room, the warning sign before the great awakening, also a grand example of loneliness unhinged. Sounds like Someone who listens to too much Glass Philips but is still afraid to admit they love dirty synth wave, mixed with a new age noise pop and a pinch of tech induced funk dance indie pop and a dash of ambient country hip-hop. “Trying to make people dance is never a crime but taking a dump on your best friend's dog should be” - Gandhix, 1935 Mango mangooo. Goo orange geeeee geee mang mango de orange de" In other words, The orangest mango is not the only one that has the same time as the other one." (Orange Mango)