"Fatih Akin"

Film Series (c) Goethe-Institut

Fatih Akin is one of the most successful film director, screenwriter and producer in Germany. He was born in 1973 in Hamburg as the son of Turkish immigrants. In Akin's cinema, the lives of German Turks are a recurring theme, such as their struggles and their confusion about two different cultures. Fatih Akin's films often show a milieu close to "on the road". Asked about the abysses of his film characters, Akin replied in an interview: "I grew up with such people, I know them, my circle of friends consists of such people." He became famous in 1998 with "Kurz und Schmerzlos" ("Short and Painless") and received the Golden Bear of the Berlinale for "Gegen die Wand" ("Against the Wall") in 2004. Also "On the Other Side" (2007) and "Soul Kitchen" (2009) enjoyed great successful among critics and the public.
The Goethe-Institut invites you to the “Film Series: Fatih Akin”, a series that shows his most popular works.

The screenings will be from September 15, to October 20, 2017, every Friday at 7 pm at the Goethe Hall. All films with English subtitles. Entry free.