Virtually Yours #18 Nana Nkweti

A series of online discussions - Virtual Gatherings - with the award-winning author Zukiswa Wanner, exploring contemporary African Literature with authors.

Nana Nkweti
Nana Nkweti | @Nana Nkweti
Nana Nkweti is a Cameroonian-American writer, winner of the Whiting Award and finalist for the AKO Caine Prize. She is a professor of English at the University of Alabama, where she teaches creative writing courses that explore her varied literary interests: from graphic novels to medical humanities to exploring the works of female writers in genres such as horror, Afrofuturism and mystery.

Her first book “Walking on Cowrie Shells” was hailed by The New York Times review as a “raucous and thoroughly impressive debut” with "stories to get lost in again and again." The book focuses on the lives of hyphenated-Americans with multi-culti roots in the United States and Africa.

If you missed the live discussion you can watch the recordings here> Virtually Yours 18.