Illustration of a harbour. On the left is a sail boot. People are eating in a restaurant. In the background you can see buildings of harbour cities in Germany and New Zealand. © Goethe-Institut

Culinary Harbour Cities - Blog

From roof-top restaurant beehives to indoor farming, long-line fishing and coffee labs: monthly dispatches from New Zealand and Germany focusing on what makes culinary harbour cities such as Hamburg, Auckland and Wellington distinct.

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Production chains and Sustainability

Innovative Concepts of Markets and Eateries

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The Harbour- Fish restaurants & sustainibly caught fish

Our Bloggers

Lottie Hedley

Lottie Hedley Portrait © Lottie Hedley
Lottie Hedley is a New Zealand based documentary and editorial photographer. Originally from a dairy farm in the Wairarapa, Lottie gravitates towards stories where there is a connection to the land whether it is the growers with their hands in the dirt or the chefs bringing their creations to the table. See her website for further information.

Benjamin Cordes

Benjamin Cordes Portrait © Benjamin Cordes
Benjamin Cordes is a journalist from Hamburg. Benjamin writes for TV and print media focussing on stories around food and nutrition. For his work for TV he explores the consumer's perspective; when writing for "Der Feinschmecker" magazine, he gets to taste delicious things, and he also meets with a range of interesting personalities from the culinary world. He founded the online portal to indulge his passion for cooking books. There he regularly publishes reviews as well as portraits about chefs and food producers.