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Recidency Programmes Goethe-Institut New Zealand

Through its residency programmes, the Goethe-Institut seeks to provide a space for new perspectives. Particularly in the age of globalisation, it is especially inspiring for artists and culture producers to ground their works in specific, real places and to pursue their projects for a while, free from economic considerations and to build up or deepen lasting professional contacts.

Each year, with its residency programmes and their variety of focuses, the Goethe-Institut New Zealand offers artists and other culture creators opportunities to live and work in Wellington or Christchurch for a period of time. The residency programme’s focus is not on one-time presentations. Instead, the projects’ success and significance become evident in long-term exchange and lasting co-operation between the artists.


Residency Programme

The Goethe-Institut in co-operation with Wellington City Council offers artists from Germany a scholarship to work and live in New Zealand for three months. The artist resides in Wellington to engage and network with their New Zealand colleagues as well as to seek inspiration for their projects and to foster intercultural dialogue.


Residency Programme

The Goethe-Institut in co-operation with the Physics Room in Christchurch offers a scholarship to work and live in Christchurch to engage and network with New Zealand colleagues as well as seek inspiration for his projects and fostering intercultural dialogue.


Artists-in-residence programme Goethe-Institut New Zealand

In association with local partners, the Goethe-Institut China offers two residency programmes. During a three-month residency, artists from Germany will have an opportunity to work on their own projects, take in new artistic stimuli and make contact with New Zealand creative artists.

Residencies in New Zealand are only available during the first half of each year, which cannot be rescheduled due to contractual arrangements with our partners. Each residency runs for two to three months.
Artists whose work has already been publicly exhibited or published may apply for residencies. Needless to say, applicants are expected to show an open mind towards the host country’s culture.

The artists agrees to be available to present his or her work to a local audience, may it be lectures, artist talks, workshops, concerts, etc. (in consulation with and with the support of the Goethe-Institut). He or she needs to reside in New Zealand for the duration of the scholarship.
Residencies may be awarded to artists who
  • are professionally active in any branch of the arts
  • are based in Germany and
  • have a good command of English.
All applications must be submitted by e-mail. Because they will be assessed by a mixed jury, applications are expected to be in English. Please send your application as a PDF file, by the deadline indicated below, to:

Mr Christian Kahnt
Director Goethe-Institut New Zealand

If you have any questions, please contact us via email, unfortunately we cannot provide any information by phone.
Application deadlines for residencies in 2020 will be announced in 2019.
With complete contact details and an overview of your academic and artistic career to date
Cover letter
Describe (maximum two pages) your motivation for taking part in a residency programme in New Zealand.
Optional: Project proposal
Submit your project proposal or aspects of your project you’d like to undertake during your stay in New Zealand. The proposal should comprise an in-depth description of the project you have in mind, whether it can be implemented in three months, your space requirements and cost budget.
Samples of your work
  • We welcome submissions (portfolio) of artwork and photo material in digital form (maximum 5 MB).
Applicants will be selected by a jury appointed by the Goethe-Institut New Zealand. The jury’s decisions will be final and non-appealable. Applicants have no legal entitlement to a residency. They will be notified in writing of the jury’s decision, for which the jury will not give any reasons.
The Goethe-Institut New Zealand will cover the following costs and provide the following services to artists-in-residence:
  • Airfare to and from New Zealand (international flights, economy class)
  • Assistance in applying for a visa and coverage of visa expenses
  • Free room with shared living and working space in Wellington or Christchurch for three months
  • A €2000 monthly cost-of-living allowance
  • The Goethe-Institut will use their networks to put resident artists in touch with New Zealand creative artists and institutions relevant to each project;
  • Technical support from local curators
  • Assistance in implementing the planned project and related research
  • On the artists’ initiative, the Goethe-Institut will hold will in-house and public events such as symposia, lectures, panel discussions, workshops and exhibitions. 
The Goethe-Institut New Zealand will assist alumni in realizing post-residency projects in New Zealand. Apply directly to the Goethe-Institut New Zealand for funding for a follow-up project.